Dakota History and Culture

At the Pond Dakota Heritage Society, a key part of our mission is to preserve the rich history of the Dakota and celebrate their culture. From Dakota history, culture, and language resources; to events such as Dakota Language Camp, you’ll find many interesting ways to learn about this important group. Below is a brief list of resources. This list will be expanded in the future.


Dakota Child, Governor’s Daughter
Kohn, Bruce.  Note: Scroll to bottom of page to view or purchase book.

Dakota Prisoner of War Letters
Canku, Clifford, Michael Simon, and John Peacock.

Dakota Women’s Work
Hyman, Collette A.

Mni Sota Makoce: The Land of the Dakota
Westerman, Gwen, and Bruce M. White. St. Paul, Minnesota: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2012.

North Country
Wingerd, Mary.

“Who Was Jane Lamont?” Anglo-Dakota Daughters in Early Minnesota
Carroll, Jane Lamm. Minnesota History 59, no. 5 (2005): 184-96.

Dakota History & Culture
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Gideon & Agnes Pond House
the story about the house2
The Dakota Mission
Samuel & Gideon Pond
Agnes Hopkins Pond
Pond-Dakota Mission Park
the story about the park